[KURO KARA KURI] #03 Star Saber

[KURO KARA KURI] #03 Star Saber

  • Brand: Flame Toys
  • Product Name: [KURO KARA KURI] #03 Star Saber
  • Availability: Sold Out
  • **Free shipping for Japan area**

  • Release date: May, 2019 → August, 2019

  • Size: Approx. 21cm

  • Material: ABS, PVC, PA, POM, Die-cast
  • USD $390.00
■ A member of Autobot Brainmaster, the Supreme Commander of the Autobots, "Star Saber" is presented in Flame Toys [KURO KARA KURI] series! 

■ As the greatest swordsman in the universe, this time he will come with 2 small swords, a big sword and a shield as the new weapon parts.

■ 2 Interchangeable heads, Star Saber version and Mask off version, are available! Star Saber version head is installed with LED.

■ 6 LED units packed in a 21cm tall body.

■ Able to combine with Victory Leo which will be coming soon to form Victory Saber.

■ Super-poseable with die-cast for solidity and heaviness!

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